Your Old School Exams Mixtape

Everyone needs some quality tunes to help them through the stress of exams. From bangers that get you in the mood for a protracted study sess, to some relaxing grooves for winding down at the end of the day, we got you covered. Today we are going old-school and shouting out some tunes from decades past. 

Pump Up The Jams ( Mental Preparation)

1. Can I Kick It? – Tribe Called Quest

Starting out slowly, and then building, this old school hip hop classic has smooth flow and a great Lou Reed sample. A perfect way to mentally prepare for the study ahead.

2. Born Slippy (Nuxx)- Underworld

Everything you could want in a preparation song. A slow burner with memorable vocals that gives way a frantic beat.

3. Blitzkrieg Bop- The Ramones

You can’t help but feel hyped after listening to this sub 3-minute call to arms. From the thrashing guitar riffs to the energetic vocal, this track is the perfect way to get energised.

4. Ride on Time- Black Box

The opening lyric of the song says it all. “Gotta Get Up” and get your study on.

5. Blue Monday- New Order

One of the greatest club tracks ever recorded, take inspiration from the throbbing bass lines of Peter Hook.

6. All Along The Watchtower- Jimi Hendrix

Hendrix’s cover of the Bob Dylan classic has is energetic, chaotic and features one of the greatest guitar performances of his career. His howling vocals scream energy and passion.

In The Zone

7. Getting Away With It- Electronic

Pop loveliness personified. Bernard Sumners vocals and Johnny Marr’s guitar work makes for an easy listen, while you are immersed in the details of your study.

8. On Melancholy Hill- Gorillaz

Sophisticated and reflective pop, Damon Albarn’s dreamy vocals are coupled with simplistic rhythms.

9. Life Is Better- Q-Tip, Norah Jones

Norah Jones’ exquisite voice over a gentle hip-hop beat, melds perfectly with Q-Tip’s smooth vocal.

10. Under Pressure- Queen, David Bowie

The name describes how everyone feels in the exam period. The bass line is iconic, and the contrast between the passion of Mercury and the quirk of Bowie makes this track a true gem.

11. Here Comes The Sun- The Beatles

George Harrison’s jangly guitar makes this little piece of pop sunshine perfect for wet days stuck inside studying.

12. The Girl from Ipanema- Stan Getz, Joao Gilbert

A Latin classic, perfect for the background of your study session.

Winding Down

13. Don’t Give Up- Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush

A haunting ballad about overcoming adversity, perfect for the night before that tough exam.

14.  In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning- Frank Sinatra

Let Frank soothe your soul and croon you into a trance. You’ve earned it.

15. Tender- Blur

The rousing, hopeful optimism of Tender makes it the perfect song to bolster your spirits.

16. Innocent Child- Big Audio Dynamite

The most underrated Big Audio Dynamite track, lovely vocals, mixed with sampling, acoustic guitar and ambiance, create a track that captures the innocence of youth.

17. There She Goes- The La’s

An indie classic, you will fall in love with the earnestness of the singer, as he pines over a girl.

18.  Landslide- Fleetwood Mac

Before Rumours, their was Landslide. A haunting ballad about moving on from love and loss. Great guitar and vocals.

What is your favourite study song? Leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Enjoy my picks and Godspeed with all of your exams.










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