Your guide to a single life that doesn’t suck


Going through a break up? Feeling bummed because the last valentine card you got was from the kid who had a crush on you in kindy? (Still got it in my card box, by the way) If singleness has got you sulking, I’m here to say that you my friend are actually in possession of the golden ticket to happiness. Let’s be honest, you are not going to live a loveless life; you will have another boyfriend/girlfriend in the future, so chill. In the meantime, you might have a bit of extra time, cash and energy so why not make the most of it? Here are some of my tips on how you can live a single life that doesn’t suck:

  1. Volunteer

If you’ve been single for a while, chances are you’ve heard people say that this is the perfect time to really focus on yourself and what you want out of life.  While this focus on self can be great, I also think that too much self reflection/exploration is often what causes much of the loneliness and despair so often felt by singles. When you really care about someone, you find yourself looking for ways to help them, brighten their day, and let them know they are loved. It feels good to see the person you care about being happy. So, in the (temporary) absence of boyfriend/girlfriend, why not devote some of your time to helping out some other people? Most of us have at least some interest in social justice and it truly is a humbling experience to know that you have made a difference, a positive mark on someone’s life. There are tons of organisations that are desperate for volunteers and Notre Dame has it’s own thriving volunteer network that you can be apart of. Be sure to check out Volunteering WA to find current opportunities near you, too.

2. Be spontaneous

Say yes to those sneaky weekend getaways down south. Jacinta’s got glandular fever and can’t go to the concert tonight? You’ll have her ticket, thank you very much. Grandma’s moving into the nursing home this weekend and needs help sorting through her stuff? Sure you can help, what else are you going to do? Go on a date? Lol, you ‘aint got no date remember? (And you thought this post was going to make you feel better) Honestly though, being unattached gives you tremendous freedom and flexibility. So go for it and live a little.

3. Go places by yourself

I know, I know. I already said that selfishness leads to sadness but I’m not talking about wallowing in self pity here. I mean, have you ever gone for a walk in the fresh moments before dawn and watched as the sky slowly ignites with colour? Or have you ever gone to the movies by yourself, watched whatever you wanted, sat anywhere you pleased? You might feel a little awkward at first but resist the temptation to scroll through your phone or pretend you’re messaging someone when you feel like people are judging you. They’re not, I promise you. Try and get comfortable with being alone every once in a while.

4. Reconnect with old friends

“We should totally catch up for coffee sometime!” This is like the universal code for “I have no intention of ever seeing you again and I’m just looking for a polite way of getting out of this awkward encounter.” We all do it, lets be honest. But there are those people who you would genuinely like to see again, maybe an old high school friend or work colleague who you simply haven’t talked to in ages. You might feel a little vulnerable being the one to hit them up; the little “seen” message is a dagger to even the coldest of hearts. But be real here and remember that they are still your friend and will probably absolutely love to hear from you again.

5. Get to work

Work and study naturally provide opportunities for professional success but the fact that they are nice distractions from painful memories is a bonus. Being single, you might have more time to spend on  assignments and bump up that C to a HD. Likewise, you’ll be free to work a few extra shifts here and there and save up for that holiday to Europe (or Bali, whatever floats your boat, or budget). You might even find yourself starting to enjoy your work or uni course even more than you did before.

6. Get a puppy

According to science, puppies will solve literally all your problems. How can you be lonely or sad when you have a puppy, a fluffy bundle of love, right in your lap? You can’t, that’s the answer.


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