Semester 2, already?

As the return to university draws closer (you’re still trying to forget the train wreck that was semester one), you yet again make those promises to yourself that you will do things differently this time around (you wont skip as many lectures, spend as much money, stay up so late binge watching Netflix (yes those ones.)) The optimism however is short-lived, and once reality sets in, you feel as though you are wandering into the abyss of impending failure.

Below are my top tips, to propel you into the dreaded semester two.

  1. Diaries/planners: Whether it be on your phone or on paper, keeping organised and balanced makes it easier to prepare for upcoming events or deadlines. Pre-plan your day, and week to ensure you know what is upcoming and your prior commitments.
  2. Meal planning: On Sunday get set for the week.  Buying in bulk is cheaper and reduces potential spending around campus, cook greater portions for leftovers the following day, lunch sorted.

(Food “Hacks”)

  • Subway $2 toasties
  • Coffee shops close to campus always have deals on for ND students
  • Rice mixes: You can get packs of rice from the supermarkets that you can just pop into the microwave for a minute, done.
  1. Reusable coffee cups & water bottle. Make your own teas/coffee with the kettles supplied to break up the coffee spend between your barista made- decaf, soy, extra hot, vanilla latte.  Some shops also offer discounts when you bring your own cup.
  2. Ditch the handbags. Invest in a backpack, or one that looks almost like a handbag if you’re worried about the aesthetic. Lugging around a laptop and books all day takes its toll on your back and shoulders, and physio isn’t cheap.
  3. Library books are friends. Although “old-fashioned”, I have found studying becomes easier when selecting books relating to your course.  Instead of scrolling through various sites and “academic” journals it can be refreshing to have all information handy in a few books.
  4. Spare laptop and phone chargers. Its more than likely you will experience a flat battery, and that’s never any fun. It will happen at the most inconvenient time; when you have a long train ride home, or your feed to check, so be prepared and always carry them around.  Portable battery packs are also worth investing in.
  5. Know how you study: We take in, process and work differently, so be aware of your limitations and how you work best.
  6. Cottesloe: Is only a few stops away from Fremantle station, those travelling by car are aware of the steep parking prices around uni. Park for $2 and catch the train the rest of the way. This will save you a few dollars and stop those parking fines.

This list is limited.  Comment below with your favourite tips, tricks and hacks to help fellow uni students 


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